Looking for Custom Plastic Bags?

Do you want a completely personalized plastic bag for your business? Tailored Packaging Retail can design your very own custom plastic bag, whatever the size and shape that you require. A plastic bag customised with your brand will reinforce and strengthen your business image. There are a range of printing methods that can be used to achieve a great look for your bag, such as hot-foil stamping, flexo-graphic printing, screen-printing, digital and rotogravure printing. Talk to our team for further information on what method is best for your custom artwork.

Custom plastic bags can come in an array of materials from HDPE, LDPE, and MDPE, to Vinyl, PLA or PP; which are recyclable, making them a terrific choice for the environmentally conscious. You also have the option of including an EPI additive, making your bags 100% degradable and environmentally friendly.

Depending on the product that will be transported in your bags, the thickness of the plastic can be personalised to ensure that it will be sturdy enough to hold your product. Plastic does not have to be clear; you can choose it to have a frosted natural look, or a specified colour to match your logo.

EPI Plastic Bags

At Tailored Packaging Retail we offer you the option of adding an EPI additive to your custom plastic bags to make your choice more environmentally friendly. EPI plastic bags retain the characteristics of regular strong, durable and flexible plastic bags, but they are 100% Degradable.

The EPI additive will cause bags to degrade when they are exposed to sunlight, heat and/or mechanical stress over a certain period of time. Eventually, the bags will biodegrade into carbon dioxide, water and biomass leaving no harmful residues.

PLA (Cornstarch)

Plastic bags can also be manufactured from PLA, which is a plastic created from corn sugar or dextrose that is broken down from field corn. The benefit of using PLA is that it can break down to compost, which can then be used to grow more corn. Cornstarch is an annually renewable resource; it reduces the use of fossil fuels and therefore reduces CO2 emissions because it uses 20-50% less resources and energy.

To customize a bag, you can choose from a myriad of handles and features. Handles can range from Rope - Cotton or PP, Tube, Strap, Rigid Plastic Snap Locks, Drawstring, Singlet, Die-Cut, or Soft Loop. If you have a specific type of handle in mind, discuss it with one of our friendly team members.

Features such as metallic foil stamping, embossing can further personalize the bag to your desire. There are a myriad of possibilities. Custom plastic bags can be produced in various sizes, with side gussets, bottom gussets, a cardboard reinforced base, block bottom, or a combination of side and bottom gussets.

Tailored Packaging Retail aspires to deliver you custom plastic bags of the highest quality of material and print. What sets us apart is our dedication to checking prior to print that all artwork is in the correct position and size that is required for a perfect branded bag. You can either provide us with your own artwork, or consult with our in house graphics department to create something from scratch.

For custom plastic bags, there is a minimum order of 5000 bags. This should be produced within approximately 8-12 weeks from artwork approval.

For further ideas, enquiries or quotes get in touch with the friendly Tailored Packaging Retail team on 1300 852 088 or email us at sales@tailoredpackaging.com.au to talk about your custom plastic bags.